About Me!


Hi, I am Verlisha aka Vee, welcome to my blog!  I am a woman who wears multiple hats making my life a beautiful chaos. This blog will showcase just that! Here, I will discuss a little of everything while being genuine and transparent. If I’ve experienced it, you can look forward to reading about it here at some point. I am married to my awesome husband George and a mother to two beautiful girls, Alydia & Charli #GirlMom. I am a home based travel consultant, doctoral student and practicing family nurse practitioner. I reside in Columbia, South Carolina by way of Columbus, Ga. Blogging has been an interest of mine for approximately 10 years but I’ve shown such a strong interest in the last two years with much hesitance out of fear. Oftentimes we delay our desires waiting for the right time, when honestly there is never a “right” time.


I will use this platform as my canvas and use my words to paint a picture of my life as I know/live it. I will discuss family life, travel, career, fitness, motherhood and attending college as an adult with all of the above going on plus so much more. I just want to share my world with you. You can expect engaging content, reviews, giveaways and in the future even some vlogging. The name of my blog is a play on words, my last name is Goins and given where I started, where I am now, and where I’m going; the name of the blog is simple, I am going (goins) places and I want to bring you along for the ride. Enjoy and let’s connect!!

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