Dads Matter: A Fathers Day Tribute

A father is defined as someone who brings into being, brings into the world, or gives life. “Any man can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad”- Anne Geddes. A dad is someone’s father; however they provide parental care by supporting, loving, raising, and sheltering that child. It is said that daughters who have absent fathers are more inclined to depression or are incapable of sustaining a healthy relationship with men. I am one of those girls; a fatherless child who I believe did not become a statistic. I will not get into the details because this post is all about praising those who deserve it, but I just thought I should note that it was not until I witnessed wonderful fathers who were not my own, that I realized great dad’s indeed do matter. As a kid growing up, I had father figures but there are always questions that go unanswered when you’re not feeling the love from your own. Referencing my earlier sentence, I can say that I agree that daughters who grow up without a father struggle with the sustainability of healthy relationships with men. And while I thank God it wasn’t my story, I can definitely see how depression can brew within.

“Any man can be a father but it takes someone special to be a dad”

Anne Geddes.

Growing up without a father really tainted my trust for men before I even knew what trust was. It made me this tough girl who literally felt like I did not need a man. But my fatherlessness has facilitated my appreciation for all the wonderful dads around me. My brother for one is an amazing dad of 3 boys but before he was their father, he was mine and my sister’s protector. He was the male I looked up to and still do. He doesn’t know, but I admire how great of a guy he is and most importantly how great of a father he is. But not having my father around was not that bad and I turned out pretty decent. Things for me could have resulted differently had my father been present in my life, so I will just trust that this blessed life I live was meant to be without him. I have no ill feelings but there is a thing as loving people from afar and at this point in my life, that’s where I am at with that.

My younger self and my brother


My husband, who never thought he would seriously date a woman with children, became a dad overnight. I remember just like it was yesterday. We literally planned the day he would meet Alydia for the first time. We had been dating for several months before he got the opportunity to meet her. We were both very nervous. He expressed his nervousness to me and from that moment I knew I wanted him to be my husband and Alydia’s bonus dad, and my is he a bonus. It really revealed to me that he cared what she would think of him and how he wanted to do right by her. Alydia was four when she met George. It quickly went from calling him Georgie Weorgie to daddy, on her own with no coaching. She said to me “I have three daddies, George, God and her biological father. It did not take long for her to gravitate towards him and then they were inseparable. I was meticulous about anyone being around or meeting my daughter and he was the first to do so after her father and I split, and obviously the last. It has been a pure joy watching him grow as a dad. It astonishes me how he chose to be her dad and how everyday he wakes up and chooses over and over again to love, protect, guide her and to be the dad he has been these last 7 years.

Blood couldn’t make them any closer


While he had the experience of being a father and dad to a 4 year old and beyond, I am sure it must have been quite the scare anticipating the arrival of Charli, a newborn baby in the same home as him and depending on him 100%. It was scary for me and it was not my first rodeo. With that said, he never complained, was so supportive and jumped right in to be that magnificent dad a second time over. I know it can’t possibly be easy being such a great dad but George certainly makes it look that way. He has a very unique way of giving both the girls equal attention and catering to Alydia’s need for it. As an only child for 10.5 years, he’s aware of how to say and do all the right things to make her continuously feel appreciated and unforgotten. This is the type of father I want for my children and I am so blessed to have him.

Best dad with his girls


To my husband George, thank you for being the man you have shown yourself to be. Thank you for going above and beyond all of my expectations of you as a father. We are so lucky to have you and I thank you for being the best example of a father and husband to our girls. I pray that they both find a companion like you in the very far future (wink). I thank you for your patience with me, their mother, or else we would not have gotten to this point. You are the true definition of a father and dad. You have stepped up to the plate in every way and you’re truly my favorite father. I want to wish you a very happy father’s day and I hope you feel appreciated more than ever on today.

Happy father’s day dad

If you are a father who is an active dad in their child’s life I commend you. Happy father’s day! Do not let the media humiliate the fathers who deserve to be honored not just today but every day. I am here to dismiss the myth that fathers are distant and disinterested in their child’s lives. There are really great fathers out here and on today, I honor you all. Happy Fathers Day!!






5 responses to “Dads Matter: A Fathers Day Tribute”

  1. George Goins Avatar
    George Goins

    It’s been my greatest accomplishment in life to be a dad to these girls and your husband!


    1. Vee Gee Avatar

      Well you’ve exceeded the expectation. We love you!!


  2. Brittany Shardé Avatar

    Wow! Tears!!!! Truly a beautiful tribute to your Husband and Father of your sweet girls! I agree with your words in every way! You’re so blessed and I love getting to know you and your journey through Motherhood and Marriage! xo


    1. Vee Gee Avatar

      Thank you. I appreciate your support and I am definitely enjoying getting to know you and discovering all the similarities we share.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Brittany Shardé Avatar

    I forgot to mention I love the photos!!


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