Wanderlust: The Aspiring Travel Connoisseur

As a young black girl, travel was not something I often did, if at all as a kid. We did not spend summers in Disney or travel out of the country to some lavish villa. We may have visited six flags over Georgia a time or two and the Washington Monument in D.C.  But who hasn’t been there? I never thought that traveling was something I would be daring enough to seek out, especially after staying home for college initially. It wasn’t until I decided to spontaneously get married at the age of 19 (huge trial and error) that I ventured outside of little ole Columbus, Ga. I relocated to Virginia and it was a different site to see compared to what I was accustomed to. At this point, I still had not flown on a plane so you can imagine my ignorance to the luxuries that were travel. I remember my very first flight, yep I was an adult. It was a short flight from VA to GA and not long at all. The next stop for me on the list of residing was another domestic site in the south where I was familiar, good ole South Carolina.

International Travel: The Moment Life Changed

My friends 30th birthday changed my life forever, I’m sure it changed hers too but I can only speak for me, it was the moment I became a wan·der·lust • noun• a strong desire to travel. It was the most fantastic experience I had in my lifetime. Yea to some it may be just another trip but it was fun, cost-effective, a bonding experience for girlfriends, we ate, danced and drank alcohol night and day, zip lined hundreds of feet in the air, hiked up a waterfall in a bathing suit and sooooo much more. I did not smoke the ganja but if that’s your thing, it’s the perfect place to be. Since then I’ve been to the Bahamas, Jamaica again, Mexico twice, Florida Keys, California, Washington State several times, Las Vegas and many more. I have yet to touch the surface of all the places I want to travel, and I have a list in my phone to prove it (I told you I am a stickler for lists).

Traveling with Kids

Since travel is a passion of mine and I am a mom who desire that my kids experience travel at a young age, I’ve decided that they’ll join me on my travel journey. Now don’t get me wrong, they will not tag along on every trip because I would like to have my husband to myself some of the time but a once a year trip with the kids shall suffice. As cliché as it sounds, I want to show my kids the world, not just for fun but for educational purposes as well. Domestic travel can be just as exciting as international, especially for kids, so we intend to hit all 50 states and a few international destinations as well. Take a wild guess where their first foreign trip will be? Yep, you got it, Jamaica this November, I am beyond excited. Do you want to travel with your kids but have second thoughts about how it will turn out? Here are 5 quick tips that may help you the next time you travel with your little one(s).

1.    Be patient – this is something you as a parent may already have mastered. Kids will be in awe of every little thing, so be patient and allow them to live in the moment. Enjoy it with them.

2.    Plan your trip in advance – waiting until the last minute may come back to bite you. Planning your trip in advance can save you money, time and headache.

3.    Pack for the weather- there is nothing worse than a kid who is too hot or too cold because you will definitely hear about it. In warmer climates pack a light jacket because sometimes on the plane and at the airport can be a little chilly.

4.    Bring comforts from home- let your kids bring along that favorite blanket, stuffed animal, or toy. When frustrations are high, or nap time comes and goes, it may be just the thing to comfort them and make the trip easier for both of you.

5.    Expect the unexpected- because sometimes everything that can go wrong will go wrong, so keep an open mind and always have a backup plan. Pack over the counter medications like Tylenol or cough syrup just in case and keep in mind that trip delays can happen. Just remain optimistic and make even the small obstacles a fun adventure for the kids.

Aspiring Travel Connoisseur

My goal is to make my dream of visiting all of North America, the Carribean Islands, most of South America, some of Europe, Africa and Asia a reality.  On my 40 before 40 list #11 is to visit all 50 states and #12 is to visit at least 15 countries. I have 8 years to accomplish this and I am up for the challenge. Being a wife and mom means I have to be strategic in when and how I plan my travel. Some will be with my husband, some with family and some with my girlfriends. I am not sure solo travel is in my plans but it is definitely OK to travel solo as long as you are cautious and put your safety first. Whatever the reason for travel, I hope that it will allow me not only to see the world and experience different cultures, cuisine and art but also allow me the opportunity to give my clients the most amazing experiences when planning their vacations.

Travel with Me

So what’s next on the books for travel in 2019? Where are you traveling to? I would love to know and possibly join in on the experience. How about sharing your past travel experiences with me? Next on the books for 2019 for me is Rhode Island which I hear is absolutely beautiful. Has anyone visited the tulip farm there? And the latter part of the year we will be traveling to Jamaica. Are you lusting to vacation but do not want to deal with the planning part yourself? As a home based travel consultant I’d be so happy to help you plan a vacation for you, your family or whoever you want to do travel with. Feel free to click the Lets Go Places tab above and start the process. There is no fee to receive a quote from me. Where are you off to? Respond in the comment box below. Don’t forget to follow my social media pages and subscribe to the blog for updates on new posts. #LetsGo







One response to “Wanderlust: The Aspiring Travel Connoisseur”

  1. Brittany Shardé Avatar

    I feel like you, once you get a taste of traveling you don’t want to stop! I will definitely use you to plan because I hate planning trips! lol Jamaica has always been my dream to vacation there, and have even thought about doing a destination wedding there. I enjoy taking my Daughter on trips and her experiencing different places, beaches, food (although she’s picky and doesn’t eat much of it but at least she’s exposed lol). I’m hoping to take her out of the country very, we are getting passports soon. There’s nothing like the feeling of experiencing new places! Love the tips you gave too! Great post!!


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