Cheers to 32 Trips Around the Sun

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME (cues Disney happy birthday song)!! If you have not heard the happy happy birthday song, try waking up in my house on your birthday and you’d know it by heart. I started this tradition playing the song every morning for Alydia’s birthday and now it’s a tradition for the whole family. YES, it’s really my birthday and I am 32 years young. I could not be more excited to grow another year older. As a child do you recall being so anxious to get older and then when you reached the mid 20’s it was like “oh no I’m getting old”,  when truly it’s not all that old and the only way to stay young is to die young, so I’ll take grow old for 500 Alex. As I reflect on all the people I knew that never made it to see 32, I feel extremely grateful to be able to celebrate another day of life. Although I’m only 2 years in, my 30s seem to be the best years of my life so far.

Personally and professionally I am in a really great place. Looking back I guess I knew I wanted this exact life but it’s so surreal watching it all come to fruition. I wrote my goals down 14 years ago in my senior book and here I am living them with a few minor alterations. I am very big on writing things down. I use my phone calendar, planner and note pads to write lists of long and short term goals, to do lists, and just random inspirational and motivational sayings. The best part of doing that is when you go back to look at it, as I did with my senior book one day when I was cleaning my office, you realize that you made it happen and you have your old handwriting to prove it (mine looks nothing like this now). What are some things you wrote down years ago that you commit to today? Are you where you want to be? If not, whats stopping you? These are some questions I want you to answer for yourself.

As a mom of two girls, my only hope is that they will try to be better than me. I won’t make this some long drawn out post; I just want to thank you guys for reading and supporting me on this new journey, which is the best birthday gift you could give me. The only thing I wanted to do for my birthday was to eat delicious food and spend time with my amazing family and I did just that. Below you can find 32 random facts about me and a few life lessons I’ve learned. Do not forget to follow my social media pages and send me an email if you’d like to connect. You can do that by clicking the Lets Go Places tab above.

32 Random facts about Vee:

  1. I have a really bad memory
  2. Purple is my favorite color
  3. Black and Red are my favorite colors to wear
  4. I recently found a love for the color yellow
  5. I was an adult when I decided on a favorite color after being forced by Alydia
  6. I have a running 40 before 40 list
  7. I am a Georgia Bulldog fan (Go DAWGS)
  8. I’m a soccer mom
  9. I get super nervous to speak publicly
  10. Water is my favorite beverage
  11. I am a planner and love to know things in advance
  12. I have had 15 jobs in my life
  13. I am the middle child
  14. I am 10 months away from being Dr. Goins
  15. I do not care about what other people think about me, sometimes I think It’s a bad thing but I just cannot live my life pleasing others.
  16. I hate shopping for clothes for myself
  17. I love buying thoughtful gifts for others
  18. I’ve learned that its ok to say NO, I can’t do it all
  19. I’ve never been to jail (woohoo)
  20. I’ve never been arrested
  21. I hate makeup but I wore it for the first time for my engagement photos
  22. I have never had acne
  23. I’ve learned that people can grow apart
  24. I am self-conscious in a bathing suit even when my body is goals
  25. I am a recovering Oreo addict
  26. Sweets are my weakness
  27. I snore
  28. I’ve learned that it’s not my job to make other people happy, my husband taught me this
  29. I much rather text than talk to you on the phone (most of the time)
  30. I obsess over things once I set out to accomplish them
  31. I have a type A personality
  32. I am blessed!!







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