Postpartum Fitness Goals

I had my baby girl seven whole months ago and gained a whopping 43 pounds. “I’m going to work out while I’m pregnant” is what I told myself but that never happened. “I’m going to work out after I have this baby so I can get my body back” yea, that never happened either. Getting back into the swing of things after having a baby is the most difficult task I am faced with currently. Prior to my pregnancy I was going extra hard in the gym trying to maintain my figure and tone my body to my liking. I was not inspired by Instagram models or weightlifting babes; I was inspired by my own body goals. Yes, I want to look a certain way but even more so, I want to FEEL great. I can remember being down on myself when I hit that six-week mark and the only weight I was lifting was my baby and food, that’s me today too. Seven months later and I am still eating what I want and not doing anything about it. Thank God for breastfeeding because if it were not for that, I’d be BIGGER than a house. With breastfeeding alone I lost 30lb and gained 10 of those pounds right back, which makes me still 23 plus pounds more than I was pre-pregnancy. So, what am I going to do about it you’re wondering? Me too, I wonder that too. I keep telling myself, “you carried a baby for nine months, at least give yourself nine months to get back “right.” But that is not cool and I can not keep putting off for tomorrow what I can do today. I must at least work towards making sure I am not only fit, but healthy so that I can help Alydia with soccer drills (fake it til you make it) or chase after Charli once she starts walking/running, without feeling like a trip to the ER is impending.

Lately I’ve noticed that when I am outside the home, away from Charli and my family I get so much more done. Well darn, I could just put that gym membership I’ve been paying for all these months to use. It’s just so hard leaving and then worrying about when she’ll be hungry, if my breast will leak, and the list goes on. But that just sounds like another excuse to me, what about you? But I know there is a mama out there who can relate (side eye). While it feels great to get away sometimes and do something other than changing diapers, getting your nipple bullied, watching your baby have a food fight with herself and making silly baby talk noises, it’s just easier to stay home and skip the gym. But eventually you get fed up and you’re just like “ok, this is not working anymore and I do not want to let myself go”, because it happens real fast.

The issue I am having is I am afraid to change my current eating habits because I am breastfeeding, but that’s just an excuse right? Right!! I can still eat the proper amount of calories needed to keep my milk flowing. My body is craving all of these bad things because I am lacking all the essential nutrients I need as fuel which results in my lack of energy. Time is another issue, but we make time for the things we want right? Right! Therefore, I can set a few minutes aside each day to take care of my body as it deserves. Lastly, the biggest dilemma is ME. I have to get out of my own way and you would think that me looking in the mirror everyday before my shower would do it. I am highly displeased with my bare appearance. Therefore, I am grateful for starting this blog. It’s like I have forced you all into being my accountability partners. I’m bringing you on a journey, so I have to share it all with you, beware of comparison pics.

Postpartum fitness is hard. I still cannot believe I allowed seven months to pass by without so much lifting a dumbbell. But that changes today!! Here are my fitness goals I hope to achieve the last few months of 2019. If you are interested in motivating one another and keeping eachother accountable, I’ve opened the door, just walk in. Follow my social media or send me an email to stay connected. You can look forward to more post regarding this journey. Keep scrolling for a list of my fitness goals to date.

Fitness Goals:

  • Stop making excuses
  • Eat light to heavy (start my day with a smoothie)
  • Count macros
  • Do not eat anything I would not feed the baby (hardest task for sure)
  • Drink water, water and more water (I am pretty great at this)
  • Get adequate sleep
  • 4-6 days of at home workouts a week

What fitness goals do you have? Share them in the comments below and don’t forget to follow my social media pages. If you’re really bold, tag me in your before and progress pics. We’re Goins Places together!! #LetsWork







10 responses to “Postpartum Fitness Goals”

  1. latoyad03 Avatar

    I just told myself I have to get back in shape. It’s bee over a year and the excuses have got to go. I even let my gym membership expire 😩
    I’m going to a wedding in Jamaica so I’m all in to get Jamaica Fine 😂.
    This week I will join a gym. I like Muv but Planet Fitness is 24hrs. I’m definitely watching what I eat. My brother, who’s a trainer, have sent me a workout routine and diet plan. The diet is horrible but I have to do what I have to do. I have 2 months to get rid of the baby fab.
    Let’s work 🏃🏿‍♀️💪🏾🏋🏽‍♀️


    1. Vee Gee Avatar

      You can do it! Diet is majority of the battle. Once you get in a rhythm and make it a habit you’ll be unstoppable. Thanks no much for reading and supporting. Btw i’m going to Jemaica in Nov for the 3rd time. You’re going to LOVE it!!!


  2. Brittany Shardé Avatar

    This was such a transparent read! I and so many other women can relate to this first hand. You have to keep the balance of not being too hard on yourself because you just produced a whole human, and pushing yourself to a healthy limit. That’s the challenge, meeting somewhere in the middle. Btw you look great and don’t have far at all to get back to your pregnancy goal! 🙂


    1. Vee Gee Avatar

      Thank you I am definitely going to start slow and take it easy on myself. 20lb be gone 💪🏾


  3. tipkennedy Avatar

    You are such an inspiration. Thanks for being transparent! The before and postpartum pictures are both beautiful! However, I think it’s great to set goals for yourself. I can’t wait to see your progress. I’m planning to join you along the way!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Vee Gee Avatar

      💜💜💜 thank you. I am so excited about this platform. I truly appreciate your kind words and support. 😘


  4. margoruns04 Avatar

    This is motivating me for sure. My baby is 3 and I still have many excuses. This morning my excuse was not to wake him , so we slept in 😂. The eating is hard, I start out so good and then bam 9 o’clock hits and I want a not so good snack. I have decided to make small goals and will sign up for a small race and train , then move on to something else. Welp, let me get us ready for a morning jog/walk 😅


    1. Vee Gee Avatar

      It’s so easy to make excuses and not do the things we want and essentially know we need to do. I know YOU CAN DO IT!! I am rooting for you and would love to hear all about your progress. Before I know it, Charli will be 3 too so I need to get with it.


  5. jayec7796 Avatar

    Awesome post! Although it’s been years since I had my daughter it doesn’t mean it’s too late. This post has motivated me and I know it will reach others. One thing i failed to realize early on is that I can do all the right things and eat all the right foods, however I was not giving myself the adequate sleep that I needed. As you put it in your post with lots of other great tips..please get adequate sleep. Again thank you for sharing your story and pictures to show us what you want to maintain. I will see you at the Finish Line…WE CAN DO IT!! 🤗


    1. Vee Gee Avatar

      Thank you so much for reading. Sleep is a huge issue for me especially now. I am working on that among other things as you can see. I look forward to hearing all about your progress.


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